What we offer

Below is an overview of the type of living rooms we have available for rent. It is possible to rent rooms individually or whole floors for larger events.

The 1st floor houses the garden room, meeting room, dining room and bay living room.

Bay living room:

KarnappstovanThe bay living room sits at the heart of our old guest house. It is the room where our guests meet, greet and part ways after staying here with us.

It is a square room with original bay windows facing the seaside. With beautiful cabinets, a large bureau and rosewood console tables, it also houses 2 plush green sofas and 8 accompanying chairs which we acquired from Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The bay living room also provides access to the dining room, meeting room and reception hall, which is another reason it is one of the most utilised rooms.

This is a fantastic room for spending a quiet day in; whether enjoying a book with a nice cup of tea, or just daydreaming of what lies beyond the shores.


 Meeting room:

fundarstovanLocated at the eastern end of the 1st floor, is our meeting room. A large conference table, which seats 20+ people, makes this room is ideal for business meetings, lectures and larger gatherings. All modern technological amenities are available should they be needed.

The meeting room is furnished with original writing desks and cabinets, made by renowned Danish furniture maker Johannes Larssen, popular in the 1940s and 50s.






Dining room:

spísustovanThe dining room is a small, intimate room, originally set up to seat 6-8 guests.

The furniture featured in the dining room came from the house of Hans and Maria Hansen from Sandavágur. Hans, colloquially known as ‘møbil Hans’, or ‘furniture Hans’, sold furniture for many years, and he purchased these from Norway in circa 1955, and they have resided in their house ever since, before they were given to us.

The dining room is the only room which has access to the 1st floor balcony facing the seaside.  When King Fredrik and his family visited the Faroe Islands in 1959, a picture was taken of them whilst standing on this balcony.





Garden room:

havastovanWith large windows and countless shades of green adorning walls, floor, drapes and plants, the garden room aims to unite the indoor space with nature.

This is, without question, the room which we have put most love and care into, as both walls and floors have been hand painted with a special pattern. This was done to create a special atmosphere, where our guests could sit and have a nice relaxing breakfast or just sit down and enjoy some peaceful quiet time during the day.

Surrounding the old dining table are 14 oak chairs, also acquired from Amalienborg Palace, adding to the atmosphere with their beautiful wood carved decorations and history.

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